Wednesday, July 8, 2009

summertime avoidances

Summer certainly is flying. If I wasn't spending so much of it indoors selling shoes to cranky people, I probably couldn't enjoy the sun as much as I have. Don't be fooled, I'm not a brown person by any stretch of the imagination, I've just learned to appreciate the few half-work days I'm given. As can probably be deduced from my lack of posts, I'm avoiding my computer to the best of my ability. My greatest source of responsibility is my computer (including email, online banking, facebook, blogging, and the like- generally those things which require me to communicate with others. So, I'll quickly play a game of catch-up with my small audience.

My summer began with a roadtrip to California- Disneyland, specifically. Brittney, my favorite Disneyland fairy godmother entertained fire-fighter Wendy and myself for a lovely week. My favorite of those days in California was the day we spent at the beach and finished off with a food-filled stroll through a local farmers' market.

Next, Syd and I (still on a roadtrip-kick after I realized how fun and easy it is to pull off) ventured into the unchartered waters of Idaho. Our stated purpose was to attend the missionary farewell of a beautiful farmer boy. In addition to doing so, we barbequed, chilled, visited the famed Blackfoot Potatoe Museum, enjoyed a burger and fries at Rube's (a very delicious restaraunt), and otherwise enjoyed ourselves. We stayed with my former roomate, Ashley, in her family's camp trailer. After getting lost on an Indian Reservation, watching Srgt Bilco with Ashley's mom, meeting her mutant goldfish, and spending a long weekend with the ideal male, I was pretty hesitant to return home.

Obviously though, Payless couldn't go on without me, so I came back. And here I am. Trying to make enough money to afford fall semester (in vain it seems).

Another favorite of mine, Brittany Bourne, and I journeyed through the life and certain genius of her lover, Jason. You look tired, Pam, he says. Wow.

When I'm not at work, I'm on the front porch reading soaking in rays or being ordered around by my mother who agreed to give me a roof and total independence at the beginning of the summer. I don't mind too much though. I finally understand, after 19+ years of dealing with it, that she honestly cannot help herself. Oh well. It definitely could be worse.

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Katie said...

Thank you for this little update. I forget that you have pretty much boycotted the computer. We need to play soon.