Thursday, March 12, 2009


So you probably wouldn't expect either Brittany or myself to be basketball enthusiasts. To be honest, I am fairly objective. I generally prefer one team over the another, and I am sad when said team loses, but it doesn't significantly alter my life's course when the game's outcome is presented (although that may be because I am not much of a betting girl).

Brittany, on the other hand, is a diehard basketball-specifically for BYU basketball. I think it must be an inherited trait... actually, after seeing her father, a true fanatic and participatory viewer, at several games, I know it must be genetic. When, at the last game of the regular season, we were playing poorly ranked Air Force and losing to them all at once, she was honestly irrate. Completely beside herself. It was all I could do to help her see the reason and reality outside of the Marriot Center. Luckily, we won. Otherwise she may have had to sleep on the couch.

As an aside, a few games ago, I was the lucky little dear who was fortunate enough to stand in front of the entire Marriot Center and choose the wrong box. Not that Indiana Jones was much of a prize, and I have since grown exceedingly fond of my "Geek Squad" triple XL t-shirt, but at the time, I was pretty miffed. In front of a crowd of thousands. On the jumbo-tron. And all I got was this lousy shirt.


Katie said...

Wow, I am a little sad that I missed that. Note to self: whenever you are at a game you should let me know so I don't miss out on such a gem of an event!

Albs said...

So I have the really great "Geek Squad" t-shirt in white in the same size. I think I won mine at a football game. We should be friends!

Molly Mormon said...

Thought you might want to see this:

Anonymous said...

lol @ Molly Mormon