Monday, July 28, 2008

At the Zoo

Today was a family trip to the zoo. It was very hot, but otherwise enjoyable. I think we saw every animal in the place. This giant elephant statue blew air out of its trunk and made noises. Very cool. I sometimes can remember riding an elephant when I was little in Arizona. My mother says it was actually a camel. I kind of remember it in a dream-like state. Very stinky, very hot, very tall.

This trip though, this was as close as I was going to get to riding the animals. Apparently the rules of adulthood are different and more boring than those that apply to 3 year-olds.

Water was essential in the 100+ (I'm sure) degree weather they were having at the zoo. Jake (in conjunction with the dismal acting gene that our family possesses) is fighting for his life with the lion which guards the water spout. Actually we all had water bottles. I brought my "World Class Water" bottle. I like to keep it near me at all times to remind me of my humble beginnings.

My cute siblings. I was in charge of the camera and therefore was exempt from being the subject of many photos.

They're in frontof a waterfall-all terrified that they would get wet. It would definitely have had massive repercussions- like getting cool in the overbearing heat. Luckily we avoided the devilish water, though narrowly.

These stylish beauties are my new crocs (actually they're Airwalk). They made excellent companions for the day. Cool, comfortable, and good looking, I was really glad I got these. Plus, they match my eyes. That's a lie. My eyes are green.

The hats at Hogle Zoo would be a wise investment for any visitor. We didn't purchase a single one. Mitch is the one who appears to be faceless. An interesting mix of temper, early-pubescent boy awkwardness, and a stubborn will from Mitch bestow every family outting with a bit of flavor. He's so good to us.

Last, and most important: This is what I would look like as a white tiger. It's good to know just in case I become one in an upcoming life or something... You know plastic surgery accident, allergic reaction, perscription drug side-effect. You just never know what is going to happen to your face.


Katie said...

I love the zoo! One time I spent 7 hours at the San Diego Zoo!! I am so glad you love it too... another conformation that we should be friends!

Albs said...

Oh how I love the zoo!!! I feel like it is always necessary to drink from the lion fountain. I hope you refilled yor world class waterbottle with the lion water. I feel like that would have done the bottle justice. World class for life!