Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time Travel

Well the parents are camping, and I am home alone for a couple of days. I went with Brittney to Heidi's '80s birthday party. The outfits may justly be called disasterous, or brilliance. You decide. All I know is that my mother wore this stuff on a regular basis. The bangs are in my blood. Seriously though, with all of the hairspray that my mother "Applied liberally and Repeat"-ed, I probably really do still have some in my blood stream. It was super fun. I didn't really want to see any of the people ever again-or at least not for 20 years-, but the dancing was wild, the music was superior, and the cotton candy tickled my fancy to say the least. Great as the '80s were, I am grateful to have only spent 3 months experiencing them.


Albs said...

I am proud to say I was born in the 80's ! I have to say you looked very styling. I love any occasion that allows for me to dress up!

Katie said...

You are very 80's glam and I love it! I fully appreciate that you deviated from the expected 80's workout attire! Good choice!