Sunday, July 27, 2008


After only 2 weeks, I have been promoted to be a key-carrier. I get to take charge of my very own key to the store. I now get to open and close the store. I get a little bit of a raise, and it also means that I get to stay later, come earlier and do more work. We'll see how it goes. So far pretty well. I like all of the girls I have met and selling shoes is fun.


Melissa Broekhuijsen said...

Hey Ashley! I love your blog. Your "about me" is so eloquent, and so true. I love it.

I'm heading down to the Y, of course. Along with 90% of my peers, it seems. haha But i'm excited. Living in Heleman halls.


Perhaps e-mail would be a more efficient means of communication:

Albs said...

Ah I love that you get your very own set of keys!! That is so exciting.