Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have 3 jobs. And a date!

I don't know why I accepted two more jobs or why I can't give up the old one, but I find myself with 3 jobs. What idiot signs up to work 40 hrs during school? Oh. Me.

On a lighter note, I got asked out for the first time since I came to college- keep in mind that my transcripts list me as a junior... Pathetic is what I'll call it, but I'm still excited.


Manuel & Alyssa Sevilla said...

Is the old guy your 3rd job, or your date?

Erin said...

That is SO exciting! Life must come at you fast, and all at once, huh?! Good luck out there, and if you ever want to come to a school where the sun always shines - think ASU :)