Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Drawer of Odds and Ends

I don't like dealing with those things in the day-to-day that go in THAT drawer. You know, the drawer that holds extra key chains, the pink erasers that no one seems to use, single batteries, and something broken that you just can't stand to put in the trash.

My old email account is much like this drawer. I made illegally_blonde218 when I was about to start eighth grade. I've since made a new account that I use for all of my business (which is mostly extremely interesting stuff-- adventures and magic and those sorts of things). However, I can't seem to part with my old address.

I'm not sure exactly why. I suppose it's the same reason I can't get rid of the stuff in that drawer.

So the mail piles up. I always look over it, and I don't miss anything important. But my unread-message count is at 704 right now. That's not terribly unreasonable, right?

Okay, I know I should clear it out. I do even occassionally think about it when I'm in class. And right before I go to bed. And when I'm getting ready in the morning. And when I drive home.

Perhaps I should do something about it. Until I decide whether to act on this feeling, chew on these: (my roommates' first email addresses)

Care to share yours? I swear I won't judge you, and our friendship won't change at all-- unless it just gets better.

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danab said...

ha. mine was skittlechick. gotta love 12 year olds and what they think is cool