Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Battle

This here is my darling roommate Brittany. While skiing* in the Alps our dashing heroine races through the backcountry to rescue a stranded (very attractive) tall, dark handsome. She makes it safely to the victim's compromised location, but meets with danger and certain death upon arriving. (Remember to breathe folks.) Staring into her blazing blue eyes is a vicious rabid snow newt ready to slash her throat at any moment. From the satchel strapped across her back, Brittany pulls her trusty atl atl. Swiftly and surely Brittany handles the newt with grace, but forces the newt away from the trapped young man with her agile forearm. Without thought to her injuries, Brittany rushes to the aid of her true like (not quite love) and gently caresses his rugged and strong jaw and biceps. The two embrace following a rescue utilizing Brittany's super human strength (which anyone would note after witnessing her 'guns'). Happily the end.

*standing on her desk, listening to a message on her phone, Brittany fell 7 feet to the ground. She tried to catch herself with her right hand, but fractured/broke/sprained something in her wrist under the weight of her ... very massive self. I drove her to her house, and her dad took her to the doctor's office. She's been in a wrap with a soft cast ever since-- which means that I am required by rules of friendship to wake before the crack of dawn (whatever that means) to drive her to campus for her finals. It's way worth it. Very little has actually changed because she is so ridiculously independent. We do, however, give a much gentler version of stones than we used to.

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Amber said...

Ok, Ashley, you are seriously the funniest person I have ever met. First of all, I need a thesaurus to get myself to stop laughing and figure out what you're actually saying, secondly, my roommate keeps asking me what is so funny, but she will never understand because, sadly, she doesn't know you...:) I love you, Ash. You're the best!