Monday, September 1, 2008


It's an Ashley Sandwich. (Ashley Brittany Ashley) Cooler than that: notice the eyes. Green. Blue. Brown. haha And we accidentally coordinated our outfits for church yesterday. Our apartment is completely homey thought the walls are still bare. I am a terrible influence on Brittany. I have absolutely thrown off Brittany's sleeping and eating habits. I am such a terrible influence. Also, I am a mooch. Because I worked all day for the three days before I moved in, I forgot to get food. I also forgot to consider the method by which I would connect to the internet. And bath towels. And basic dishes. Thank goodness I got such fabulous roommates who so far have basically had to spoon-feed me.


Albs said...

It was so nice to see you guys this weekend! I am hoping I will be back down to see you guys soon! I love you all!!!

Ashley said...

Yeah I was (we all were) so excited to see you! I'm sorry you felt sick at church. I wish you could have stayed longer... or that I wasn't working the entire time you were here. Anyway, thinking about you; love you; miss you. P.S. World dance was one of my best decisions ever.